All students who are at least entering their sophomore year or above, law students, graduate students, commuting freshman and transferring students at RWU can purchase their 2023-2024 permit for the academic year beginning August 1.  We are holding onto our ‘2019 rolled back’ price for this year at the purchase price $175.00!!!  Vehicles must have an active permit to park on any RWU owned/operated  property.

 **** Pleasecheck to make sure you are ordering the correct permit!!!  If you are a Commuter it will say “Commuter Student 24CS”.  Residents living in any University housing (Almieda, Baypoint, Bayside, Cedar, Maple, North Campus Residence Hall, Stonewall, Willow) will say “Resident Student 24RS”.  If you are a Law Student or Graduate student it will say, “Graduate Student 24GS”. Please DO NOT ORDER if the permit is incorrect but contact so that it can be corrected.****

Most importantly read the rules and regulations at

At the beginning of the spring semester you can pick your permit up from the parking office (located at the main entrance of the University, stone building behind the fountains). 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.  Resident and commuter permits are not sent out!  Note permits need one business day to process.  Graduate students permits are sent to their local address.  Please check for accuracy.



Parking Portal

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