Student Parking Permits available for purchase August 1, 2020! Please read!

Parking permits for students go on sale for the 2020-2021 academic year begin August 1, 2020!

All student permits, Resident, Commuter and Law once ordered will be available from the main entrance (Parking and Transportation office located in the building behind the fountains) usually on the next business day.  NO STUDENT PERMITS WILL BE MAILED 

 **** Please check to make sure you are ordering the correct permit!!!  If you are a Commuter it will say “Commuter Student 21CS”.  Residents living in any University housing (Almieda, Baypoint, Bayside, Cedar, Maple, North Campus Residence Hall, Stonewall, Willow) will say “Resident Students 21RS”.  If you are a Law Student it will say, “PermitDirect 21LS”.  Please DO NOT ORDER if the permit is incorrect but contact so that it can be corrected.****

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